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Accept online payments and grow your business. Delight customers with best success rates on mobile and UPI, and access payment gateway advanced features.

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Get Money for Your Business Needs

Gleam Global Capital powers your business growth through instant settlements, corporate cards and quick business.

Payment Methods

Accept payments from any bank credit/debit card or network cards in India.

Offer UPI as a single connect check-out.

Accept payments from 100+ Retail or Corporate net-banking options.

Receive funds from your customers bank account with easy reconciliation.

Allow customers to use prepaid options across banks, telco wallets and cash cards.

Product Features

Advanced Payment Gateway Features Available for All


1. Instant Refunds

Do instant customer refunds - online orders, COD orders and deposits with our advanced refund solutions and delight your customers.


2. Instant Settlements

Get access to your online payment gateway collections within 15 minutes even on bank holidays.


3. Pre-authorization

Temporarily block some amount of funds when a customer places an order and save payment gateway charges on canceled orders with Pre-auth.


4. Token Vault

Process saved card payments securely while being RBI compliant. Token Vault is India’s first interoperable card tokenization solution that works across all card networks and payment gateways.

Lowest Pricing

Lowest Payment Gateway Charges in India

Accept online payments in Indian Rupees (INR) and other 100+ foreign currencies with minimal integration effort and go live in no time.

  • No setup, maintenance or any other hidden fees
  • Pay only for actual transactions
  • Real-time transaction fees reporting
  • Paperless and same day onboarding
Our Pricing Plan

Cheapest Payment Gateway
No Subscription Fee

Start your journey with assisted on-boarding and easy integration.
Standard Pricing
  • Flexible Pricing Across Payment Methods
  • Inclusive of Gleam Global Technology Fees
  • Automated Refund Processing
  • Easy Integration for One-Time and Recurring Transactions
  • Dispute Management Support
  • Developer Friendly Integration
  • 24/7 Support
Custom integration designed for high velocity and large volumes businesses.
Enterprise Plan
  • Complete Developer Support
  • Flexible Integration Options
  • Custom APIs and Webhooks for Enhanced Transaction View and Smart Notifications
  • Custom Alerts and Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support
  • Support Unlimited
Best Sale
Choose the pricing plan that suits your business.
Payment Options
  • All Credit Cards (Domestic) MasterCard / Visa / Rupay
  • 14+ Credit Card EMI Options
  • 100+ Debit Cards (Domestic) MasterCard / Visa / Maestro
  • 58+ Netbanking
  • UPI Payments / Rupay Debit Cards
  • MasterCard & Visa Credit / Debit Cards (International)
For Enterprises

Here is Why Growing Businesses Trust Gleam Global Payment Gateway

Built for Very High Scale

Gleam Global online payment gateway offers reliability and scales with you. Process 3000 transactions per seconds smoothly without any downtimes.

15% Higher Success Rate

With direct integrations and smart 3 times auto-retry option, saved card option, smart routing among multiple banks and networks, and optimized integration flows for mobile and web, achieve higher success rates every time.

Serve Customers Better with Auto-Reconciliation

Define completion time for time-sensitive transactions between 5 minutes to 24 hours and mark status as success or failed and save customers from payment uncertainties.

API and Webhook Based Reconciliation

Reconcile all payments, refunds and settlements using powerful APIs. Get notified on transaction status - success, pending, etc in real-time using webhooks.

Our Plan

Design Your Custom Recurring Plan

Fixed Recurring Model

  • For companies that provide a product for a fixed price and charge on a recurring basis

Usage Model

  • Companies that provide a product and who want to enable customers to pay for only what they use.

Fixed + Overcharge Model

  • Simplify billing where amount includes fixed and variable components.
We Are Covering

The Simplest and Fastest Way to Get Paid!


Notify your customers across channels

Send payment links to your customers over SMS, email, WhatsApp, or any other channel of their preference and get paid sooner.


Wide range of payment modes

Gleam Global offers more than 120 payment modes such as credit/debit cards, UPI, Google Pay, Amazon pay, Netbanking, wallets and other payment options for your customers to choose from.


Reminders on auto-pilot

When generating Payment Links, set multiple automated reminders to get paid on time and boost your revenue.


Enable partial payments

Let your customers initiate partial payments in case of service fulfillment and get the remaining payment on completion of the service.


Create payment links in bulk

Generate payment links in bulk by uploading a simple .csv or .xlsx file. Save time and reduce errors by creating payment links in bulk.


Easier reconciliation

Get real-time reports on the transactions processed through payment links and help your finance team manage the books better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Answer Some Of Your Questions or Frequently Asked Questions

A payment gateway is an online platform that helps businesses accept payments from customers. A payment gateway consists of multiple components that interact with the merchant's website and customer's issuing bank, card associations, and online wallets to complete a transaction.

You can integrate our payment gateway for website or mobile app to accept payments. Over and above this, we also offer plugins to major ecommerce sites like Shopify, Magento, Woo-commerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop.

Simple and user-friendly: 1.90%. There is zero setup fee and we charge no annual maintenance fee. For a detailed breakdown of payment gateway charges by payment mode, visit our pricing page.

Yes, you can sign up as an individual for a payment gateway. Please share your personal address proof instead of the business registration details.

Gleam Global Payments is the easiest & best payment gateway solution for any developer. You can do the integration on any website with any stack. We have simple payment APIs with detailed documentation and SDKs for all major platforms. With responsive developer support, integrating Gleam Global Payments is a smooth experience!